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    Dashboard Action - Filter based on selection

    Matt Aguire

      I feel I am missing something really obvious here.


      BrandOrder 1Order 2Order 3Order 4


      My data set has the following schema

      UserID,Brand,Purchase Cycle.   The counts above are distinct counts of UserID. 


      I want to have a 2nd worksheet on this dashboard that is filtered based on the selection above.  In this case the 433.  The 433 represents 433 customers who purchased brand B on their 2nd order.

      I want my 2nd worksheet to then display a table like the above for only the 433 customers. 


      I've tried using the same data source, as well as making a copy hoping to apply a filter.  I'm somewhat new so please forgive me if this is obvious.

      I need to avoid a live dataset, so sending this back to refresh a stored proc is not an option.