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    Need help in creating cumulative unique customers purchases..


      Please refer thread Need help in finding 1st purchase,2nd purchase..... of a customer! , for the history of this requirement.


      My requirement is something like the below image.

      Condition :

      Each Customer should only be counted once in each week. E.g. If a Customer has a 1st purchase in week 1 and a 2nd purchase in week 2, the customer will be counted in the

      total number of customers with 1st Purchase in Week 1, but will be removed from the Running Sum of this Measure in Week 2. In Week 2 this customer would be included

      in the measure “Total Number of Customer with 2nd Purchase”.


      I am attaching the dummy data and the workbook.

      I would really appreciate your help on this.

      Michel Caissie

      Luciano Vasconcelos

      Joe Oppelt

      Shinichiro Murakami

      Andrew Watson




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