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    Question on non-numeric data / using a filter to show detailed info

    Jim Phillips

      Hi, I'm using Tableau Public and I'm a complete newbie: I have 3 sheets of data contained in one excel workbook: Service Provider, Service, and Service Level (4 categories). So, not really a numeric dataset. I'm trying to set up a dashboard in which a viewer could see a list of service providers across the top and a list of services down the column - and via a bullet (see attachment), the user could easily determine if a service provider offers a given service. What I am having trouble with is setting up a filter on a separate tableau worksheet so that when you click on a bullet, a filter displays which categories of service are offered by a service provider (regarding a given service). So, I think I can set up two worksheets in Tableau and then pull both into a dashboard that allows this type of filtering / interactivity. I could do it in html instead, but I'm trying to use Tableau to discover what it can do. Here is a link to my tableau public site: Tableau Public  I'm also attaching a pic of the list of services with the bullets I describe above. tableau.tiff