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    Parameterized Legend Text


      I would like to suggest a feature for Tableau. We have a viz that uses parameters in a query to define the bands in a graph and define the text of a legend that ties to the measure on the viz. For example, the user can enter parameter values that represent the start and end values for a measure and if the measure falls within that band, it is represented in that measure on the viz. By default, the measure names are static (i.e. Measure Band 1, Measure Band 2, etc.). However, we want the legend to read Measure a - b, Measure c - d (where a, b, c and d are parameter values entered on the fly by the user).


      Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a direct way to parameterize legend text within the tool itself and so this is a hack. We would like the ability to change legend text on the fly based on parameter values that are used in the measures. We initially tried to work around this by creating a second worksheet that customized the text and then combined the main viz worksheet with the legend worksheet in a single Dashboard. However, we had problems with the colors keeping in sync. We are now working around this by using a text box that contains the parameter values and formatting that represents each color band as expected, but would really like a more automated process.