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    how to match the multiyear treandline headers to the single year bar chart


      Attached is a workbook of my problems in a simplified version:

      There are multi year student absence data.

      In the bar chart worksheet, it only shows absence data for ethnicity groups of that particular year (2014) and district (0130).

      In the trendline worksheet, it shows trend of 10 years data for each ethnicity groups of that particular district 0130. However ,there are more ethnicity in header compared to the barchart because it shows all ethnicity groups as long as it showed up in one of the years.

      Now my question is how to let the trendline only show the ethnicity groups same as the bar chart? For example, let it only shows the trendlines for ethnicity groups 2,3,7, rather than 2,3,4,6,7? This will be dynamically changing as filter changes.


      Thanks.header question.png