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    type of chart with arrow

    Govind Ramchetty



      I have 2 dimension and 1 measures.


      1.Date Dimension

      2.Name (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J)--> IF A means unschedule, B means Line, C means Base ,D,F,F,G....means Other.

      3. WO Count


      Now my requirement is I have Date Prompt.

      1. I have Name like A,B,C........but report display like IF A means unscheduled, B means Line, C means Base ,D,F,F,G....means Other.

      2. I have to display Date Prompt.When i select any date or date Range based on that my report should display values.

      3. I have 2 date parameter (From and To).f i choose my date 1-Jan-2016 to 10-Jan-2016 then my unscheduled value sould be change and after my arrow should compare same time last year same date(1-Jan-2015 to 10-Jan-2015).If less count means green else red.we need to display with % increased or decreased.

      4.. Same way i have to display each values unschudle,Line,Base,Others.

      5. The Big Arrow is overall increased or Decreased ( unschudle,Line,Base,Others) comparison %.


      How we can achieve this.Can you help.