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    Tableau Server 10 Upgradation Guideline

    Larsen Rennie

      Hi All


      i have come to know that Tableau 10 Beta version has been launched so i wanted to know that still Tableau 10 is in Testing Phase or is completely available so that we can move all our existing reports which are there in the production Environment to Upgrade it to Tableau 10.


      Also i have one more question is that if we Upgrade our Tableau Server from 9 to 10 , will all the workbooks which are there in the production will automatically upgrade to Tableau 10 or do we need to do something else


      One more doubt is that if our Tableau Server version is 10 and desktop version is 9.3 . Will i still be able to publish the workbook to Tableau Server or if Tableau desktop version is 10 and server version is 9.3 what will be the scenarios. These all the questions are coming to my mind for clarification



      This help will be highly appreciated.