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    Find the Max Concurrent Users by Date but calculate using Hour

    Vijay Kumar

      I have a data with Timestamp, Date, Time, Usernames as shown below



      I have a chart 1 which shows HOW MANY CALLS DIALED TOTALLY FOR THE PARTICULAR DAY and HOW MANY USERS (COUNT DISTINCT) WERE USING THE CALL SERVICES for the day. The result got in Tableau is shown below.


      I want to find out what how many # of users were using the call services concurrently every hour for this date. I am able to find it as shown below


      As you could see from above screenshot 15 users were using the call services around 7 AM for this particular date 1-Aug and this is the maximum number of concurrent users out of total users 76 on 1-Aug (refer chart 1).


      I am able to show this in hourly chart. Users are now currently selecting the date on the 2nd chart to find out the maximum number users using the call services concurrently.


      I need help to show the result finally as a chart for MAXIMUM # OF USERS USED THE SERVICES CONCURRENTLY FOR EACH DATE.


      a chart like below


      1-Aug        15

      2-Aug         So on...


      Really need your help to achieve this please. I am attaching the sample workbook and also the packaged workbook