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    Super simple cascade chart - not doing what I want...

    Berthold Trenkel

      I've been waiting for the new cascade chart. But struggle to make it do what I want.


      I need to show on the y-axis the margin of the division, and on the x-axis scale the bars by sales of the division. Something as trivial as this:

      Header 1Header 2Header 3
      DivisionSalesMargin %


      Finally I got it to work. But I need to add to the data another column in XLS that sets the correct starting point on the x-axis. Based on the cumulative sales volume. Starting from 0, then 200, 350, etc..


      Correct version:

      Screenshot 2016-08-24 10.09.47.png


      It should be simple to generate the same as running total of sum[sales]. But somehow it doesn't do it... I'm messing something up, when I use running total.

      Screenshot 2016-08-24 10.09.56.png


      Can anyone help please? And apologies for the trivial questions.


      Final pointer. How can I also get my bars sorted by size - from big to small sales. Or by margin - high to low.


      thanks so much