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    Where else do new customers shop at?

    Plae Plaev

      Hello, everyone.


      I registered to the community because there's a stumbling block in my path.

      I have a data source with the following columns:


      Transaction Date, Retailer Name, Client Name and plenty more but those are the most important for this problem.

      There are promotion periods that I created dashboards about, showing number of new clients, their share and etc and it's all dynamic - you can choose the retailer and the period you want to look at.

      I've done this with parameters and calculated fields and everything I had to do so far was not that hard.

      However, I see a big problem with the following process:


      I want to visualize where do new clients from a particular period by a particular retailer also shop at. I will use an example:


      In the month of March 2016 there were 600 customers, 100 of which were new (had their first purchase with Nike). However, I want to know where did those 100 people shop before that in overall (example - 60 with Adidas, 30 with Reebok and 10 were completely new to the platform). As a single call - I can make that happen, I can see those digits but when it comes to making it dynamic - that's where I fail.


      What I would do on a normal call is to put Client Name in Rows, then trigger the parameters to show me those of them who had their first purchase with Nike in March 2016 and I would create a set with those Member Id's. I'd then open a new sheet and put this set against all retailers and follow the trends historically. However, building a solution that is dynamic (changing Nike via quick filter) looks really hard to me.


      Can you guys propose something, I've read lots of things here - you are truly amazing.


      I am open to any additional questions you might have, however, I cannot share my database because it's confidential.