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    Trouble Calculating Weighted Base Size

    Kevin Capizzi

      Has anyone had success creating a Weighted Base size calculation. I cannot seem to find a way to correctly and consistently calculate a weighted base.


      I can calculate # of respondents using window_sum(countd([respondent_serial])*attr([weight]))


      however, i am stuck when trying to create a weight base number. For my un-weighted metrics, i am using the following calculation:


      attr({fixed [First Level Iterator], [Top Level Field]: countd(if [Response] <> "" then [Respondent Serial] end)})


      When i try to replace countd(if [Response] <> "" then [Respondent Serial] end) with sum(if [Response] <> "" then [weight] end), i am getting totally wrong information. if i try to use a calculation window_sum(window_sum(countd([respondent_serial])*attr([weight]))), I am unsure how to tell the field how to calculate.


      unfortunately i am unable to post a workbook since i am working with confidential data. I am just trying to get ideas or examples of how everyone else is performing these calculations.