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    Creating new columns to show a projection

    Cody Lester


      I'm trying to get a new column created using the existing data in the view I have created. I want to use the FY2017 data to create a column to show a FY17 Projection for each Brand. The headers would be: Brand|FY17 Proj|FY 2017|FY 2016 |FY2015. I'm using Number of Sales to show the Totals but the data is stored on the customer level. I don't want to use Forecasting but I want to do a calculation like (([Number of Sales]/Days passed since FY Start)*365) to get the projection. Is there any way to do this? I tried to do this with a Table Calculation but I couldn't get it it work. I'm new-ish to Tableau but have never used Table calculations. I first tried Calculated fields but it wasn't getting me what I needed.


      Any help would be appreciated!