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    Incorrect % Calculation when  filter is selected


      Hi ,


      I have a requirement to show the percentage  of Regulation based on the total number of records and this coulmn will always two values like SOX and MON.when i have selected both values in the filter result of percentage is showing correct whenever i have selected a single value out of Two values (SOX and Mon) then it is showing 100% .


      Below is the example :


      Total Records are  : 37

      SOX is  : 21 , percentage of total is - 57%

      MON is : 16 , Percentage of total is : 43%


      if i have selected both the values, result  of  % is showing correct  and if i am selecting the either of the value the result of % is showing 100% which is incorrect , instead of 57% or 43% respective selection criteria.



      Appreciate your Quick help !!!.


      Thanks a lot for your help .


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