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    Advanced nested filtering using parameters

    Alda Pontes

      Hello dear friends!


      Our company has an industry taxonomy that is a bit confusing, this is how it is diagrammed:


      Sector > Industry > Sub-industry


      Goal of this post: for me to learn how to make a three level, nested filtering taxonomy "smart". Meaning, when I pick an industry within a sector, I only want the subindustry filter to show the subindustries within the industry that was picked.


      We have 16 top level sectors, but not every sector has a sub-industry, about half of them do.


      When putting together the filtering above, I made the industry filters "smart" so that the only choices available are those under the sector that the user toggled (Under Choose sector, which is a parameter)


      I defined choose sector industries as:

      if [Choose sector] = [Sector] then [Industry] else null end


      --> this allows only industries within the toggled sector to show up.


      I defined choose sector subindustries (ideally the name would be choose subindustries) as:

      if [Choose sector] = [Sector] then [Subindustry] else null end


      Since "Choose sector industries" is not a parameter, I cannot use the same approach as I did for the sector <> industry relationship.


      Does anyone have any idea how I can manage to do this?