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    Send Email To "Selected/Dynamic" List of Email Addresses Immediately after Tableau Extract runs

    john liptak

      Hello All,

      I have a specific requirement to send out emails to our tableau users.  I've read through some of the threads here about tableau's ability to email reports by using TABCMD together with command line email tools but none of that seems to fit what I am trying to achieve.  So I thought that I would start a new thread with my specific requirement.  Here is what I want to achieve



      1) A Tableau Extract will be scheduled to return data and produce a dashboard.  This extract comes from an Oracle DB and contains the email addresses of users.

      2) Note that every time this extract runs it will return a different set of data which means that the emails are different also.

      3) As soon as this extract completes we need to notify just those specific users (via email) to look at the dashboard.

      4) The email needs to contain a link back to the specific dashboard


      So what do you think?  Is this possible?  If not now, is it possible in the upcoming Tableau 10 . 


      Thanks in advance