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    Tableau Desktop10.0 compatibility with Tableau Server 9.3

    Yili Li

      I recently upgraded to Tableau Desktop 10.0 however Tableau server still stayed at 9.3. I am curious is there anyone has worked out the compatibility issue between those two versions? From what I can read below, it seems it can only connect to earlier version but not able to publish to it. It that true for 10.0 (desktop) and 9.3(server) as well or any work around except upgrading the server ?



      From what I can read from Desktop and Server Compatibility | Tableau Software


      • Workbooks created with the latest version of Desktop can connect to earlier versions of Server beginning with Server 8.0.
        For example, a workbook in Desktop 9.2 can connect to Tableau Server 8.2 or 8.3. However, a workbook in Desktop 8.1 cannot connect to Tableau Server 7.0.
      • Workbooks created in a later version of Tableau Desktop cannot be published to earlier versions of Tableau Server. Exception: Workbooks created with Desktop 8.3 can be published to Tableau Server 8.2.
        For example, workbooks created in Desktop 9.2 cannot be published to Tableau Server 9.1.