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    Tableau parameters in BigQuery customSQL

    martin luccanera

      Hello everybody.


      Last week I had to parametrize a customSQL for BigQuery. I had to pick tables named clientId_yyyyMM for last semester.


      When I wanted to create a regex like '(2015)(01|02|03)' I couldn't add that String as a parameter to BigQuery customSQL (several different errors depending on how I typed it)


      Then I tried with 'CONTAINS' clause in BQ. But there was no way I could make a single parameter work.


      What I could do to make it work is to use 6 different string parameters like this


      table_id CONTAINS STRING(parameter1) OR

      table_id CONTAINS STRING(parameter2) OR

      table_id CONTAINS STRING(parameter3) OR

      table_id CONTAINS STRING(parameter4) OR

      table_id CONTAINS STRING(parameter5) OR

      table_id CONTAINS STRING(parameter6)


      Which, as you can see, its not elegant and requires me to update 6 different parameters (scalability?).


      Is there anybody who has worked with BQ in tableau and had to parametrize things? how did you do to make regex/contains work with more than 1 parameter?


      I wanted to add examples, but tableau decided to delete all my calculated fields (which had as comments the options I tried :@ ) because the data source changed (I didn't change it -.-)