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    Using a URL Action from one workbook to filter on a cross datasource filter in another workbook.

    Jai Tailor

      Hey everyone,


      Was very happy to see cross datasource filters being implemented, and have been replacing my parameter based solution for 'filtering' a workbook with multiple datasources.


      I managed to get the cross datasource filter working properly within the workbook


      However I've got one workbook (let's call this Workbook1) which acts as a link to other workbooks via URL actions. Workbook2 (the one which needed the cross datasource filter) was accessed via a URL Action from Workbook1 using Parameter1 = <Dimension1> in my URL string.


      But when I published both workbooks again, and tried to use my URL Action in Workbook1 I get nothing - i.e. the filter hasn't been applied. I've made sure to change the fields to work off the dimension being cross datasource filtered instead of the parameter and am unsure of how to proceed.


      Does anyone know if URL actions can be used on cross datasource filters?