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    Hex Map show state tile even if no data - data padding?

    Harley Ellenberger

      I'm having trouble with a hex map design that is omitting states that have no activity in the data.


      Sheet 1 - shows a hex tile for all states even if a state has no activity (ex. AK, GU, HI, PR, VI).

      Sheet 2 - when I add a continuous order date filter the states with no activity disappear from the map.  How can I keep the states with no activity on the map when the date filter is added?

      Sheet 2 - when the date range filter is narrowed to a shorter time period, other states with no activity disappear.  How can I keep states with no activity on the map and use the 'no data' shape to apply the transparent hex tile?

      Dashboard 1 - if I can keep all state tiles visible on the hex map, i'd like to have a dashboard with an order date filter that can filter both a line chart and the hex map.  Is that possible?


      Is data padding a solution here, and if so, how might that be accomplished?