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    calc field to bring back list of projects per person based on project org


      Greetings all


      Have a weird situation and if anyone can help that would be great. I'm in IT and we just went through a major reorganization. We need to filter our data in Tableau a different way.

      So each project has an owning organization - Claims, Finance, HR, etc. I want to create a calc field to bring back a list of projects by person if anyone one project has an owning organization of "x" but the project list should still list all projects. Data is structures as follows:


      Columns: Resource Name, Project Name, Project Owning Group


      So let's say I'm assigned to 3 projects: Project A, Project B, and Project C. Project A and B have an owning org of Claims, and Project C is Finance. I want to create a filter showing everyone who has any 1 project owned by Finance, but still show all projects the person is working under. So if I filter on "Finance" I'd show up like this in the data table:


      Resource Name            Project Name

      Jason Harmer                 Project A

                                            Project B

                                            Project C


      Even though Project A and B are not Finance projects, I want them listed because I have 1 project listed as Finance. I've had something similar and I solved it by duplicating the data source but in this case that won't work because multiple projects show up as an asterisk.


      Again I know this is weird ask...any insight would be appreciated.