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    Create a bin size based on multiple measurements

    Vivian Borch

      This histogram should show the number of cases where two measured values happens within a specified bin size. They are interested in the outliers outside a defined reference band so I've created bin size that are continuous to enable reference line.

      I have two measurements: G1 Error and G2 Error.

      The histogram shows the number of cases where both G1 Error and G2 Error are within a bin size of 0.1 (parameter Bin Size) for a dimention GS that should be color code.

      In the attached workbook I've only manage to show the count of G1 Error and G2 Error per dimention GS, but I need to show a count of both G1 Error and G2 Error within each bin size of 0.1.



      Filtered on GS=1 you'll see that for bin size = -0.5 I have 3 cases of G1 Error and 9 cases of G2 Error. In total 12 errors. I want 1 histogram that show 12 errors of -0.5 for GS=1.

      I've tried to create a calculated field for the total Error bin size, but the count is not correct.