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    How to work with non aggregatable data (e.g percentages) to show different data at different levels of a hierachy

    robindra neogi

      I have some data on local authorities, authorities are grouped by geographic region, and all regions together are the nation (England). The data I have cannot be aggregated, it is a median figure for each authority, or a ratio. I do not have the original numerators and denominator data.


      The way I want it to be set up is a barchart that can be filtered to show and individual authorities data, but when unfiltered show the national data. As the national data is not the sum of the local authorities I cannot use the standard chart filtering method. I have the data at the national level. Is there anyway of making it so that when the chart is filtered for an individual authority it shows that individual authorities data, but when an individual is not selected to instead show the national level data (which is not the sum of authority data?). Ideally I would like to be able to have the regional level in there as well.


      I think I could come up with a workaround involving some dummy numerators and denominators but was wondering if there was a proper way of doing this.


      Many thanks