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    city list

    Boopesh Jayabalaji

      Hi ,


      Can some help with a City/ Region / Federal District List that tableau would recognize.




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          Steve Burger



          Could you elaborate on your request / question and maybe post a packaged workbook with some attempt at resolution? That allows other forum members to work examples and post them back for your (and others) review.

          There are many ways to identify areas/regions/cities/etc that Tableau might not automatically identify as a Geo-spatial data type or value.  It really depends on what you are trying to do.




          Steve Burger

          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor.

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            Boopesh Jayabalaji

            Hi Steve,


            My request is


            Need a list of location hierarchy country-district-region-City which is used in Tableau. For example when i map my data as geo -> region i some times get an error mentioning 18 unknown regions or cities. They are either spelling mistake or diffference in character. So wouldnt it be good if i can get the list of places tableau has in its application to avoid me having to edit location every time.




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              Yuriy Gavrilov

              Also .. About what kind of city list you talk? Some countries or etc.

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                Boopesh Jayabalaji

                I am currently focusing on Russia. But will also be requiring the whole list in the future.

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                  Steve Burger



                  Without seeing your data, I can only take an educated guess.


                  If you examine the 18 unknown by clicking on the 'unknown' tab, you can correct spelling mistakes, etc.  Sometimes Tableau will offer up the next closest example it thinks might be the correct value.  Failing that, you can enter latitude and longitude for the location in question.


                  This link explains further and provides another link to postal codes recognized by Tableau

                  Prepare Your Geographic Fields..


                  If this is helpful or answers your question, please mark it as such so that others can find the answer quickly and easily.


                  Best Regards,

                  Steve Burger

                  Tableau Online Deployment Advisor

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                    Boopesh Jayabalaji

                    Thanks Steve., You were close to what i am expecting.


                    I Checked the links you have asked me to refer. Sorry if I am not explaining the requirement clearly. But to make my Question a little more clear..


                    Steps i followed are :


                    1) Have a list of cities/Region with me.

                    2) When adding them to the map I get 18 locations unknown.

                    3) When checking the edit locations , I get the below screen.

                    4) So what I am to do now is select the correct matching locations that are available in the list.

                    5) So here my question is : "Is there any place where i can get the list that is provided in the matching location. So that i can maintain my data in that format. which would eliminate the task of mapping it every single time."

                    Edit locations.PNG




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                      Egor Larin

                      Hi Boopesh Jayabalaji


                      You can try to open some files from that folder:
                      C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau 10.0\Local\data\GEOCODING.fdb

                      Format of the file is Firebird DB. I hope you will find the way to open it


                      Also you may open one of the *.tds files in the same folder. That will give you opportunity to see the data in Tableau format (they are tableau data source files)

                      And if you go to change the Data Source you will see all tables and can perform your own joins to understand City and Region (State) names. It should contain the Names of States on different locales (languages). Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server use that file to store geo objects and then show them on the view with generated Long and Lat. Then you can identify internal name of Russian States to match them in your data.


                      Regarding Federal Districts.

                      Tableau doesn't have shapes for these geo polygons.

                      But using new Tableau 10 feature - Custom Territories - you can combine (group) Regions shapes to Districts to have real district shape.

                      Build your own custom territories in Tableau 10 | Tableau Software



                      Hope that helps.

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                        Egor Larin

                        Hey Boopesh Jayabalaji


                        Is there any chance that you can check my solution and tell if it works for you?




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                          Boopesh Jayabalaji

                          Thanks a lot Egor Larin , Appreciate your help.. Currently I moved out of that scope for checking. But will keep you posted once i check that.


                          Thanks again.

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                            srishti pandey

                            Hello Egor,

                            This solution of yours is good and has helped me.


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                              Armen Khachikyan

                              Finally somebody solved this annoying issue!