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    % Calculations

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      i have view like below..


      I each category, in region i need to show %. when i am using table calculations it is considering all regions sales amount as denominator and giving %.


      But i need to show the % of sales against each Region. means across Category what is the total international sales amount would the denominator.

      it should be like International = 3,161,509/21,482,525

      But it is considering

      International = 3,161,509/30,434,456.


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          Steve Taylor

          Hello Eshwar


          If you change your compute using setting for the table calculation to "Category" that will show what % of sales each Category contributes to each region.


          Is that the answer you were looking for?



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            Kajal Chandani

            Hi Eshwar,
            Please find the answer in the below attached workbook.



            It's simple here. You can just click on Compute Using "Pane Down".
            This way it will only consider International = 3,161,509/21,482,525,
            denominator will be the sum of values in each Category.







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              Eshwar Prasad

              No Steve. I tried will all options in the table calculations.


              its not giving correct result. It is taking all regions sales as denominator and giving %.


              but Denominator should be of total sum of each region respectively across the categories.

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                Steve Taylor

                Ok, looking at a simpler version (so it all fits on one screen), in the image below:



                What is the numerator and the denominator you require for the first row?


                Delivery Truck, International Sales / SUM(All International Sales) ?


                if that's wrong could you describe using the combinations above?



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                  Eshwar Prasad

                  Delivery Truck, International Sales / SUM(All International Sales) 


                  This is Correct Steve. this is what i am expecting..

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                    Steve Taylor

                    Ok, so in the example shown, we're looking at $8,888,015 / $21,482,525 = 41.37%


                    Changing the table calc to compute using Ship Mode gets that result:



                    This is now showing for each region, what % of sales used each ship mode, for International 41.37% was Delivery truck, 8% was Express Air and 50.63% was Regular Air.


                    Is that what you originally wanted? If it is but this doesn't work for the actual data you're using, maybe there are other issues to consider?



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                      Eshwar Prasad

                      Yes Steve. this is the what i was asking for. how did you get this. Can you explain.


                      I have exact requirement. why it wont work for my data?

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                        Steve Taylor

                        I got to this answer by setting the table calculation to compute using Ship Mode (or whatever dimension is first on the rows shelf).


                        If you go into the "Edit table calculation" window then in the summarise the values from menu choose advanced, the setup of fields looks like this:



                        The Partitioning & Addressing sections are better though of as being "per" (partitioning) and "for every" (addressing). So our example would be

                        "Show me the % of total sales per region for every ship mode"


                        If you have more than two dimensions in your real data you need to move the fields around in this window until you reach the correct combination of "per" and "for every".



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                          Eshwar Prasad

                          I did in the same Steve before posted this..


                          But i am getting more than 100% , if i am summing it up in my actual Dashboard.


                          am i missing anything ??

                          why it is not working with actual data?

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                            Steve Taylor

                            Sorry it's not working, I can imagine the frustration!


                            Without seeing exactly what's going on with your actual data it's difficult to suggest where the error is coming from. Could you create an anonymised sample of your data and recreate the problem in a workbook you could share on the forum?



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                              Eshwar Prasad

                              Thank you Steve for your support. I got the answer.


                              i tried in different way like below..


                              SUM( { FIXED [ShipMode],[Region]: (sum(Sales))} ) / WINDOW_SUM(sum(sales)).

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                                Steve Taylor

                                Glad you found a solution.