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    Creating a Set of customers off a Product Line

    Bree Lloyd

      Hello Fellow Tableauers


      I'm rather sure many of you have already solved the best way to do this... I haven't yet so I figured i'd reach out and ask.


      I'm looking at a list of customers and all the products they have.


      I'd like to be able to isolate all customers who have a homeloan (whilst keeping all their other products as well).


      I'd like to create a set of these Customers.


      Any time I try to create a set, i just get all homeloans. Not all customers who own at least 1 homeloan.


      If I was doing this in SQL, I'd probably use a CTE or a Volatile table (for those Teradata users) and left join it into my main set.

      I can't seem to get that to work in Tableau.


      Does anyone have a tried and tested strategy to work around this that I might try?


      Thanks in advance