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    Auto Open to Specific Point on X-Axis

    Kevin Czarnecki

      Tableau (fairly)newbie here.  I have a question regarding the point in which a workbook defaults to, regarding it's X-axis.  Currently, and as designed, when Tableau opens or refreshes a workbook, the X-axis snaps to the far left(in browser) or keeps it's position(in Desktop).  I have created a dashboard that shows prices of electricity at a 5-Minute Interval on a line graph (With time on the X-Axis)/(updated every 5 minutes) that filters out everything but the last 5 days (and when looking at this data to the 5 minute level, 5 days is a lot to scroll through on the X-axis to find the current point in time).  I am wondering if there is a feature that would allow Tableau to open or refresh the workbook to the current 5 minute interval, rather than 5 days ago (ie. The worksheet snaps current time to the middle of the page).  I've been running through scenarios in my head regarding GETDATE() and whatnot, but can't understand how to pertain that to the formatting of the worksheet(s).  Thank you in advance for the help.