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    Table Calulation with lookup filter to get % of total

    Anu Rekha

      Dan Cory , Bora Beran


      **** Dan/BoraBeran


      You had helped me before regarding LOD calculation resulting product joins.

      You assistance helped to decide on extract rather than using live connection, when LOD's are there.


      If you can help me again it will be really great.


      Now, My problem is different.


      I am working on a tableau calculation. Not able to get the total for the( Highsales+Lowsales)  on a year basis


      I cannot use LOD calculations because of special requirement constraints.


      Please have a look in to link below.


      Tableau Public


      I want the bottom row to be be total of first row for each year (98+38) and (68+133).

      Now I am getting wrongly as 337(i.e sum of both years), I want total for each year.


      i.e. 2nd row should look like,


      136 136 201 201


      If I get this correctly then only I can get to % of total for respective years and after that, calculate the difference in % of Total between the years.


      Please help if you have come across similar situations before. Thanks in advance.