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    create filtering on groups

    Austen Robinson

      I've got 9 columns of 30, 60 90.


      I want to be able to group the

      30 A

      60 A

      90 A


      and the

      30 B

      60 B

      90 B



      30 C

      60 C

      90 C


      I want to filter these into groups A, B and C


      I have another filter based on sales rep. 

      so essentially what I want to happen is select a sales rep and then one or more of the above groups and be able to show that but the groups if there are more than one should be under each other due to space considerations.


      I can't figure out how to do the groups of measures then apply a filter to them and how to make them show up under each other.  Any help is appreciated.