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    Customer Retention by multiple dimensions

    Courtney Young

      I'm trying to show customer retention and although I've read other discussions and downloaded other workbook examples, I'm not finding quite what I need...


      I would like to see who (by using Account Number) is new, lost and retained year-over-year...but I have both an Event Date and Order Date.  The comparison should be by Event Date as that is comparing the same event for each Venue.  In addition, I want to break this out by Team to see how the retention changes by Team. 


      For example...when looking at the attached workbook...of the 145 distinct Account Numbers (and 869 Quantity) in 2016 Team CH, I want to know how many purchased in 2015 and how many are new.  And by new, I want to define as their first purchase ever. 


      I appreciate any and all help!