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    How to plot a simple series (array of values) ?

    Adrian Mango

      I have a simple one dimensional array of values. There is no time stamp even though the data points were taken chronologically. How do I plot this series, something like a 'Line plot' in excel which I can do with a single click ? Say I have 2 columns of values, how do I stack plot those ? again, no timestamp.


      Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but can I do a plot based on a formula, say I have 2 series, series #1 plot as is, series #2  I want to scale the magnitude 2x and plot it. Or it could be I want to plot the difference of series #1 and #2. In excel what I would do is create new columns with the values calculated, then make a new plot. In Tableau I suppose it is much simpler...?


      Thanks !