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    Problems after migrating a site from one Tableau server to a new one

    Matthew Lenhard



      I am having a problem after migrating a site from one Tableau server to a new Tableau server and wanted to see if anyone had a similar problem with hopefully a solution...



      • The source (original) server is a "single-site" server environment and the site I extracted for the migration process is the default site ("").
      • The destination server is a "multi-site" server with the destination site named "XXX".
      • The migration and verify process according to the Tableau admin guide completed with no errors.



      • Everything seems to work fine on the new server except when trying to access a "workbook / view" that is / was connected to an existing extract as a data source.  When trying to do so the tableau web client will goto a logon page and repeatedly asks for a logon to the tableau server.  I am guessing this is being caused because the extract that the workbook or view is tied to is on the old server?  If I download the workbook, rebuilt / refresh the data source / extract and then republish it all to the new server the problem goes away.



      • Has anyone seen this before?
      • Our site has 100s of extracts...  Is there a way to globally update / rebuild these to correct this issue without having to manually go through 100s of them and republish to the new server?


      Thank you in advance for any advice you may have.