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    Downloading Tableau Server

    Erin Gogolin



      I am new to Tableau, and I am downloading Tableau Server for the first time. We have Tableau Version 9.0.1 installed, and I want to install version 10.0.0 on a test server, and I'm wondering if it is necessary to install both Primary Networked Server and the Worker Networked Server for a complete and successful installation of Tableau Server.


      Thank you...

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          Rahul Verma

          Hi Erin

          Greetings of the day!

          As per your question, it is not necessary to install both Primary and Worker node for successfull installation. You can directly upgrade your older version of tableau Server to the newer version onto your Primary machine where server is installed!


          Since,after you complete the initial configuration(during installation of primary), you can set up Tableau Server to run on multiple computers. This is called a distributed installation, or cluster.

          Running a distributed installation uses additional ports on the primary Tableau Server and requires that certain ports be available for binding during Setup on the Tableau Worker Servers.

          I hope this solves the issue you are facing!

          Glad to answwer your further queries.

          Best Regards

          Rahul Verma

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            Erin Gogolin

            Good day, Rahul!


            Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I actually do not want to do an upgrade, I want to install version 10.0 on a test server before I implement it on production. That being said, is it okay to only install the primary networked server, or should I download both?


            Thank you...

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              Rahul Verma

              Hello Erin!


              No! There is no need to download both!

              you just have to download tableau server 10 (primary) setup and continue the installation process normally! This will work fine for you.


              Hope now you got the answer to the query.


              Thanks & Regards