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    Could not find the referenced file


      I recently upgraded from Tableau 9.3 to Tableau 10. There were two issues prior the completion of the upgrade.


      First issue: Tableau server keys were not showing in the "Manage Product Keys". Tableau support was able to get a fix for this by removing 'fulfillment' then adding the keys back in.


      Second issue: During upgrade to Tableau 10, I chose the wrong file path for the server

      Instead of "Tableau Server\10.0"

      I installed it in "Tableau Server\Tableau Server\10.0"


      Obviously, the install did not see the previous version's settings.


      I canceled the upgrade as soon as there was an option to allow me to. I re-installed Tableau 10 to the correct folder path with no errors.


      Once Tableau 10 Server began running, I started getting errors that my extracts were failing. Something that seems new to Tableau 10.


      When I open the data source in Desktop I get this error:


      The strange thing is that not all extracts are failing. When I attempt to replace the file with another .tde, i still get errors.


      Has anyone dealt with this issue and found a best way of going about fixing this? Obviously we do not want to have rebuild all these extracts.