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    Problem with number formatting and text for special values




      I have a question regarding number formatting while also having text for special values. I've created a text table to show total values for different variables, where there is no data available I put in "No data" for special values so that this is what shows up instead of having a blank space. There seems to be an issue with some of the formatting, when "All" is selected in the filter everything is fine (see screenshot below):

      number format.png

      However, for some (not all) countries the number format changes when selected in the filter and looks like this:

      number format 2.png

      When I try to format the number to show as a standard number, it changes back to how I would like it to format:

      number format 3.png

      However, this then affects the entire worksheet and when I go back to "All" in the filter my "No data" values are gone:

      number format 4.png

      Does anyone know how to fix this?


      Many thanks,