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    Tableau Server Admin Virtual User Group Webinar 8/24

    Mark Wu

      Please join us for Tableau Data Server Use Cases and Automation webinar at 10:00am PST Wed 8/24. We have awesome agenda for you:

      • Tableau Data Server Architecture - By Tableau Product Manager Meredith Dicks

      What is data server? What is Tableau’s intent for Tableau data server? What business problems that Tableau’s Data Server tries to solve? How and why? What are the use cases? What is new in Tableau V10 for data server?

      • Data server automation - By Zen Master Mike Roberts

      Data server use cases and automation's. How to update custom sql, server and connection info automatically for multiple workbooks? What are the effective approaches to manage data server?

      • Data governance - Mark Wu

      How to use data server for data governance? How to create data dictionary by using data server? How to achieve single source of truth by using data server


      Edit: If you missed this v10 new server feature demo, you can find the recording @ http://players.brightcove.net/3798483592001/default_default/index.html?videoId=5097163152001