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    Data Engine Error 40124 DictionaryDataStream

    Jakob Pamp Bengtsson



      We were publishing a workbook to server from a file, and received an error "while communicating with data source (Table). Tableau Data Engine Error: 40124: DictionaryDataStream::Seek)"


      This is a new error, and as far as we know we performed the procedure the same way we always do, which has always worked.


      As I'm personally new to working with tableau, any help in troubleshooting this problem would be much appreciated.



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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Jacob!


          Can you provide a bit more details about what you were doing prior to this error occurring? What versions of Server and Desktop were you using? What is the type of data source? Are there any additional information under "show details"? I'm not familiar with that error code and likely needs further investigation by the Tech Support Department: Submit a case to our support team | Tableau Software


          Thanks and hope this helps!

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            Jakob Pamp Bengtsson



            Sorry for the late reply,

            my colleague uses the following work process:

            * Logs in to Tableau through a web service (We're running Tableau Server 9.3.1)

            * Downloads whatever workbook that is to be updated (as a .twbx file)

            * Opens it in Tableau Desktop (v9.3)

            * Click Data -> Refresh all extracts

            ... and this is where the error appears, no settings changed. It didn't work for the rest of the day, but it did work the day after. We didn't save any data from "show details", sadly! Should it happen again, I'll make sure to document it more thoroughly.


            Accessing the database the workbook fetches its data from (including the particular view it uses) was not an issue on any other end. Hopefully it was just a hiccup from the connection rather than an obscure bug in Tableau, but I'm sending a bug report to the support team regardless.


            Thank you very much for your help!