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    How do I create a URL action filter based only on the lowest level of detail

    Isaac Mickey

      Hi all


      Long time Tableau user, first time poster!  I have a workbook that uses a parameter to show level of detail on a map.  This starts at State showing 7 points on the map then goes down to Area showing about 50 points then Store that shows 4500 points on the map.  I also have higher level filters on State and Area so the map's more manageable.


      I have another workbook that connects to HANA to show me the cash balance history for each of these 4500 stores.  This is updated hourly (a requirement from the business) and could be for any range of dates (most likely the past 3 years).  Obviously this a lot of data so the requirement is when they open the workbook that they input a Store code and a date range to filter the HANA view.


      So with that in mind here's my problem - I want to pass the Store code through to the History workbook, easy enough with a parameter when they're looking at the lowest level of detail.  However when they're looking at State or Area the hyperlink still shows.  Can I hide this when the level of detail is higher than Store?


      Unfortunately I can't attach a workbook sample but here's a screen-cap of the link at the level that I'm trying to hide.  I hope that's clear enough.


      Thanks heaps!