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    If statement aggregate and non-aggregate issue

    David Tabb



      Looking for some help


      Caveats: 1) I am new here, 2) I have spent a good hour trying to research my issue below, apologies if there is already a simply and obvious solution.


      I am trying to create a calculated field based on an if statement. The if statement (shown below) says that if the sum of 7 fields is 0 to display a value from another field called Measurement, if greater than 0 display null.


      I understand that I have to aggregate the Measurement field however the aggregation is returning a null result. What am I doing wrong?




      if (SUM([FI Right Arm Error2]+[FI Depth Too Far Warning2]+[FI Lighting Right Arm Warning2]+[FI Lighting Right Leg Warning2]+[FI Lighting Left Leg Warning2]+[SI DepthToo Far Warning2]+[SI Lighting Lower Body Warning2])) < 1 THEN attr([Measurement]) ELSE null END





      If it helps below is a screen dump from Tableau showing the data I am using.