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    Compare three measures in Tableau

    Shikha Sen

      Team - Please suggest/guide suitable visualization for following requirement. Please find the attached sample data workbook.


      My Requirement is -


      Measure are -  notification environment 1 ,notification  environment 2  and notification  environment 3.

      Dimension are - Notification ID and Calendar Date.


      Requirement - Need to compare these three measure across calendar date as highlight following : -


           1. If Notification environment (measure)  is null for environment 2 and environment 3, highlight as RED

           2. If environment 1 not matched with environment  2 then highlight environment  2 as RED.

           3. If environment 1 not matched with environment  3 then highlight environment  3 as RED.


      Please let me know if requirement is not clear or need more information.

      Cor Bader - please suggest.


      Thank you -