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    Fixed Aggregation




      We're currently using Tableau 9.0.5


      My question is it possible to have aggregate value that is static no matter who is looking at the workbook?


      • We have an existing report that has row-level security on it
        • So depending on the user, the "Rate" changes depending on who's using it (i.e., Executive, Manager, Department Analyst)
          • So the Executive and Manager can see the correct "Rate" since they have access to everything
          • But the Department Analyst see's a different rate because the row level security only allows them to see their own department data
      • We control the row-level security based on a calculated field that we place on the Filters Shelf
      • I tried using LOD expressions and was maybe thinking if a nested LOD would work, but am having trouble


      Would anyone have any recommendations or links that might be helpful?


      Appreciate any help that anyone can provide!