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    Hard to crack the table calculations

    Anu Rekha

      Hello All




      I had a hard time to resolve this tableau calculation. Any help is really appreciated.


      I cant use LOD calculation because of special requirement constraints.


      Please have a look in to link below


      Tableau Public


      I want the bottom row to be be total of first row for each year (98+38) and (68+133)


      i.e. 2nd row should look like


      136 136 201 201


      Please help if you have come across similar situations before.




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          Hey Anu,


          This question was marked as "Assumed Answered", are you still looking for help or is this correct? If you've found a solution please let us know what it was!





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            Anu Rekha

            Hello Diego


            Yes, I got another approach from Yuri, pasted below. Please let me know if you need furthur info.


            The closest analog of a FIXED LOD dimension field

            (in the Pre-LOD era of 8.x) is a Conditional Set.


            Your [Sales Decider] logic is used to build a Condition.

            And the VizLOD granularity of Product ID / City / Year

            is used as the Set member Dimensions (via concatenation).


            The resulting Set allows to avoid the [Sales Decider]

            Discrete Aggregate's Ignore in Table Calculations trap.


            Please find the attached.