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    How can I create a constant total to use in a area chart regardless of one filter?

    Satish Pandey

      Hi Experts,

      I have a requirement where i need to display total number of resources and resources occupied for each of the project.

      I have used area chart and along with many other filters i have a filter for project name.


      For the resource count, i have used reference line showing total number of resource (capacity of resources for specific location/role etc.)

      Issue is, the moment i select any project and want to see the allocation, my resource count goes down. So i want my resource count always shows TOTAL irrespective of project selection.


      Formula to calculate resource count is COUNTD( IF  [Generic (Custom SQL Query1)] = 'N' THEN [Resource Name] END)


      Can anyone help please ?

      Original Scenario... Capacity = 83 for all projects


      Now i selected few projects and my capacity count went down I want my capacity remains same irrespective of project selection.