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    Action Filter on Drilldown using Measure Name (v10 and v9.3 attached)

    Rahul Patel



      I am trying to get a drill down to work on Measure Name. I have 2 measures (7 Day, 30 Day) which gives me the count.


      I have used the Super Store Sample, modified to this year only.


      The drill down works the way it should on the Dashboard, however, when you click on 7 days, you get all 30 day data and click on 30 days, gives 30 day as well (which is correct).


      I searched this forum and the webs but the closest i got was to create new Dimensions to limit them, however, because of overlapping data (the Last 7 Days would be in the Last 30 Days), i am unable to use that.


      Attaching functional Packaged file for reference to see what it is doing.


      Any prompt help would be greatly appreciated.





      Edit: Modified Title to show Tableau Versions attached.

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          Joe Oppelt


          Can't open your workbook.  Probably a 10.0 workbook.  I don't have that installed yet.


          But you need to drill on dimension values.

          When you drill on a count of 7-day, what do you expect to see on the next sheet?


          What do you do to get 7-day data?  I'm guessing you have a parameter or some other way to tell your first sheet to look at 7 days.  You just need to do the same thing on your next dashboard that you drill to.

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            Rahul Patel

            My apologies Joe. I edited the title to say its v10.


            I have a filter with Exclude All values and a Highly Action referencing the summary sheet.


            I will upload a v9,3 on Monday....as got a little extension on this from the boss.


            Thanks for trying.

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              Rahul Patel

              Joe, see attached 9.3 packaged book.

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                Joe Oppelt

                Opened this.

                It's just like I said before.  You need to filter on dimensions.


                Your action is doing precisely what you are telling it to do.  You have selected "All Fields" -- which in this example is only one field on your summary sheet:  [Region].


                Whatever you click on, your action passes REGION, and only the region you happened to click on gets passed, and the Drilldown sheet shows the viz for that one region.


                What are you looking to achieve here?  For example, if the user selects 7-day, are you trying to display detail info for all regions, just for 7-day data?  If so, you'll need to do this a different way.  And that depends on what you are really looking to do here.

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                  Rahul Patel

                  Joe, your last line is dot on.


                  When the user clicks on the 7 day data, it should only show the 7 day data, and when they click on 30 days, it should show 30 days data.


                  I have messed around with several different solutions (ideas from this forum and other blogs), but at the end, it would not work.


                  I have over 20+ dashboards that pull data from SQL Stored Procedures. I have Tableau pass parameters to them for the Last 30 days data (Last YTD Data as well on some).

                  For a majority of the dashboards, I have multiple measures (Yesterday, Last 7 Days and Last 30 Days, as well as YTD on some).

                  This becomes as issue, as there might be just 1 instance for yesterday, but 500 for the  last 30 days, and clicking on the 1 would give the 500 instead of the 1.


                  Let me know if you need further clarification.

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Because you want to display different measures rather than different cuts of a particular dimension, you need to approach this a different way.


                    In the attached I hacked up one way to do it.  I made two dummy sheets that you can click on.  And I made two sheets to display the two cuts of the data.  Click on one dummy sheet, and it will invoke the 7-day display.  Clear it, and the 7-day goes away.  Clink on the other, and it displays 30-day.


                    Now, there might be a more elegant way to do this, but I don't have the time to figure it out right now.  In short, you can fine a way to detect what the user wants to see.  Maybe a parameter where he selects between 30 and 7 (and maybe also ALL).  And depending on which selection is in effect, one sheet will display whichever he selects.  Basically a calc would say something like this:



                    If (the user wants 30-day) THEN [30 Day] ELSIF

                    (the user wants 7-day) THEN [7 Day] else

                    [Order ID]  // (display ALL)



                    Plunk that calc on the row shelf in place of [Order ID] in the detail sheet.

                    Then if the user clicks anywhere in Summary, he'll get whichever he chose in the parameter.  Probably if the user changes the parameter value while the detail sheet is displayed, the viz will change accordingly.  And when he clears the selection in Summary, the detail will go away.

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                      Rahul Patel



                      Appreciate the attached, but sadly, not the solution I am looking for.


                      So if you open the sheet you attached, when the user clicks on 2 (7 Days for the Central Region), the drill down would show the 2 records, instead of the 21 (30 days for Central Region).


                      Parameter is a good option, however, the c-suite is very nit picky on how they want this to show and do not want a drop down.....worst case, they will be ok with the 30 day...


                      Thanks for your time,  none the less. And if something else pops up as an idea to resolve this, do share.

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                        Joe Oppelt

                        Well I understand it's not what you are looking for.  Tableau doesn't work the way you're looking for.


                        The parameter doesn't have to be drop-down.  There are multiple ways to display it.


                        And if you implement a parameter, then you can also pass the [Region] on the action, wherever the user clicks.


                        But if they're happy with 30-day only, that's the simplest thing to do.