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    Combine different chart types across rows (in-cell/spark charts)

    John Conlon



      Please see attached for a packaged workbook.  In the example I have several elements under the Category dimension.  I want to compare the metrics with green headers across the elements (look down the column to see which category has the most/least sales, profit, etc).  The metrics with purple headers I'd like to compare within a given element (look across the row to see how retail is performing compared to online and phone channels for Appliances).  My first thought was to leave the green metrics as is and switch the purple metrics to vertical bars (my actual data has quite a few more purple metrics, so the bars would be relatively narrow and may not look awful).  The image below shows roughly what I'm trying to do, but that was done just by putting two sheets side by side in a dashboard.   Any ideas/suggestions/examples of how to do this more elegantly would be much appreciated.


      Also, I'm still on 8.2.


      Thanks in advance for the help.