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    New dashboards not filtering

    Ashley Cloutier

      Everything in my workbook is working great, except for my two new dashboards (Involuntary Turnover and Voluntary Turnover.) From within the first dashboard (Headcount Analysis), I should be able to click on the box for Invol or Voluntary Turnover and it should redirect me to the appropriate dashboard and filter according to my region selected on that first page. It takes me to the correct dashboard, but doesn't filter the way all of my other dashboards do. What am I forgetting? (This is in version 10)

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          Benjamin Greene

          I think you should create two new dashboard filter actions that both have Headcount by Region as the source sheet, but one of them should have Voluntary Turnover as the target sheet and the other should have Involuntary Turnover as the target sheet. This way, when you select a region, it will apply to those dashboards, too.


          However, it is very important to remember that whichever action filter is lowest in the Actions list is the one that Tableau will automatically navigate to when you make a selection. So if you want to remain on the Headcount Analysis dashboard after selecting a region, you should make sure those two new action filters have names like "Filter 0" and "Filter 00" so that they are placed above "Filter 1 (generated)" in the list.

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            Ashley Cloutier

            That seemed to work

            Thank yoU!