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    User getting Session Expired message logging into Tableau server

    Brian Jans

        We had an issue this morning with one of our users unable to log into Tableau with the message Session Expired. I immediately started looking at user setting in tableau server, server resources, were other users having the same issue (none were), eventually enlisted the aid of one of our server admins to try to trouble shoot. Nothing was working to resolve the issue. Finally found something within the help files about tableau creating user cookies on the system for users that save their passwords. In this case the user was accessing Tableau server through Chrome, so we were just about to clear cookies from Chrome history, but before doing so I asked them to try logging in through IE. It worked fine. Great!! Worst case we can just access through IE until we get the situation resolved. Before I could suggest going into Chrome history and clearing history they were already back at the log in screen using Chrome. They logged in, it worked fine, no more issues.

        I looked for some time trying to find a solution for this issue in support and on the forums, there were clues here and there but I wanted to publish this out here just in case is pops up for someone else. This appears to be a possible issue with Chrome and possibly a bad cookie, but again I just wanted to get this out here in case someone else has the same issue.