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    bug? new 9-3-6 data source switching error


      Today I've found myself removing v9-3-6 to rollback to v9-3-5 due to an apparent bug in the data source manager. I can't switch data sources because it doesn't have a stored password on newly opened files. I've found a work around, but it's tedious and I'm not going to do it 100 times today.


      The gist:

      1. I have a report with 3 SQL Server custom queries (extracted)

      2. When I switch to the Data Sources tab it prompts for a password and defaults to "Master Query"

      3. Upon switching to one of my other queries I get an error that my password (same password) isn't present

      4. Work around: Edit Data Source direct via any of my Sheet tabs. I do this once for each query and I'm good to use the Data Sources tab normally again. Until I close/open a new TWB


      Tableau Error 1.pngTableau Error 2.pngTableau Error 3.png