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    Local JPG file on TB Server gives me Potentially unsafe URL using an action

    Martin Ocando

      I'm doing an Employee ID app, and I managed to have everything working, the wildcard search, the display, etc. Now, I want to display the image of the employee using URL actions. I tried locally, and it works, but I moved it to TB server, since is an app that it should be mobile, so I need to move the files to the server realm, in order for mobile users to have access to them. Now, I have a select action on the employee ID number, and it should display the image on an URL window I put on the dashboard. Is working, but every time I click on the ID, it pops up an error that it was blocked, because is a potentially unsafe URL.

      The funny thing is that, the files are located in the Desktop of the Tableau server, on the same user the TB server is running, so it should have all access in the world, and shouldn't be unsafe at all. How is considered unsafe something that is locally stored, is beyond me.


      Now, I've searched for quite a while, and added the following protocols using the tabadmin set vizqlserver.url_scheme_whitelist:

      - file

      - url

      - image

      - data

      - jgp


      Nothing works.



      Any ideas? Is driving me nuts!!!


      I'm using TB Server 9.3, and TB desktop 9.3.3 BTW.