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    sync/pass the on click filter from Dashboard 1 to parameter filter on next dashboard

    Vishal D

      Issue is - my MAP view is built using 'GPS Latitude' & 'GPS Longitude' which plots the stores on MAP.


      On click of a 'Store GPS cordinate' on the MAP Dasboard I want to sync/pass the 'Store Name' to next dashboard which has 'Store Name' as parameter filter.


      I had to make 'Store Name' as parameter filter in Dashboard 2 as this dashboards has 2 worksheets built using different data-source. Hence to apply common filter across worksheets built using different data-source I made 'Store Name' as parameter filter in Dashboard 2 (used method 2 for this article - Filtering Data Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software )


      How do I pass the clicked 'Store Name' from MAP Dashboard to Dashboard 2 and sync with parameter filter 'Store Name'?


      Hope I am making sense?