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    Line chart x-axis adding extra spots automatically: can it be removed?

    Ying Xiong

      Hello guys,


      I created a quarter-to-date line chart: x-axis is the week numbers, from the first week of the current quarter to the current week; y-axis is the number of products sold per week.


      This week in my data source, I have weeks 27-32. I would like the chart to show only these weeks, but it automatically added the weeks 26 and 33. I don't want them to show as they're out of the scope. Is it possible to remove them?


      I know I could set the range to be fixed to 27-32, but next week when I refresh the report, I won't have the spot 33 unless I alter the range again. I just want the chart to show what's in the data source.


      Thank you in advance for your help!


      What it looks like:

      What I want:

      But I don't want this: